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Overview (in Hindi)
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Overview of the course

Aprajita Shankhdhar
Loves teaching and tries to simplify teaching learning process as much as possible by my side NEET \ AIIMS \ CTET.

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A boat covers 24 km upstream and 36 km downstream in 6 hours and 36 km upstream and 24 km downstream in 13/2 hours. the speed of current is?? sir not getting the ans. by your trick..
Mukesh Kumar
2 years ago
in such case . solve 13/2 hr in a whole no by multiplying 2 in both equation (only in time ) and now take common factor . you will get b-s =4 and b+s =6. 24/(b-s) +36/(b+s) = 6×2 36/(b-s) + 24/(b+s) = 13
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