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MCQ'S : Anatomy of Flowering Plants Part-5 (in hindi)
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Set 5

Aprajita Shankhdhar
Loves teaching and tries to simplify teaching learning process as much as possible by my side NEET \ AIIMS \ CTET.

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hindi me daliye ma'am
Neetu Rani
6 months ago
Ok Santosh I will try.... thanks for sharing your opinion
Santosh kumar
6 months ago
ok ma'am
  1. 1. . Bordered pits are found in (a) sieve cells (b) vessel wall .(c) companion cells . (d) sieve tube wall.

  2. 2. Which exposed wood will decay faster? (a) sapwood (b) softwood . (c) wood with lot of fibres (d) heartwood

  3. .A narrow layer of thin walled cells found between phloem/bark and wood of a dicot is (a) cork cambium . (b) vascular cambium (c) endodermis (d) pericycle.

  4. 4. Periderm is produced by . (a) vascular cambium .(b) fascicular cambium *(c) phellogen . (d) intrafascicular cambium.

  5. Which of the following plant cells will show totipotency . (a) sieve tubes . (b) xylem vessels (c) meristem .(d) cork cells.

  6. 6 Which of the following is not true about 'sclereids'? .(a) these are groups of living cells .(b) these are found in nut shells, guava pulp, pear .(c) these are also called stone cells . (d) these are form of sclerenchyma with fibres.

  7. in plants inulin and pectin are . (a) reserved material . (b) wastes .(c) excretory material . (d) insect attracting material.

  8. 1 . (b): Bordered pits are found in vessel wall. In bordered pits, the thickening materia over arches the pit cavity in such a Way that a pit chamber ope; is to the interior by a pit aperture.

  9. 2. (a): Sap wood will decay faster. .Sap wood is less durable because it is susceptible to attack by pathogen and insects.

  10. 3. .(b): A narrow layer of thin walled cells found between phloem/bark and wood of dicot is vascular cambium. Vascular cambium present inside a vascular bundle is called as intrafascicular cambium or fascicular cambium. The vascular cambium is a meristematic tissue

  11. 5. .c): Meristems shows the totipotency because xylem vessels and cork cells are dead while sieve tube cells do not possess nuclei.

  12. 7. . (a): Inulin is a water soluble fructosan. It is a common reserve food in members of family compositae . Pectin in a mucopolysaccharides and occur in plant cell walls. At the time of fruit ripening wall pectins hydrolyse to give constituent sugars.