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Overview: Calculate at Lightning Fast Speed: Tricks for Quantitative aptitude (in Hindi)
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In this unit, one will come across a detailed outline on what this course actually deals about. He explains how this course would benefit aspirants to improve efficiency by learning tips and tricks to crack questions swiftly. He also throws the lessons which he will be covering up in the up coming lessons.

Dhiraj Singh Chauhan
Income-tax Inspector, Cleared Assistant Commandant(SSB), From Saharanpur

Unacademy user
Sir Onlin study first time anu.. Am wish to study with you... I don't know procedures of this course.. plz reply me..
Procedures onnumilla, course free aanu, enthenkilum doubts undenkil comment cheyyu or message cheyyu.
Joona Nijil
a year ago
Olin Varubol.. as time thanne vedio kanan entha vendath? unacadamy te site l ano varendath?
Joona Nijil
a year ago
ncert book down load akkan site parayum?
sir can you please tell me best book for quant Arun sharma, nishit ya sarvesh k??
tricks r awesome dhiraj sir bt how to think first about this trick thn the older methods of we hv a habit of doing calculation in lengthy way.. how to inculcate these more than useful tricks in day to day calculation....?
sir thankyou very much aapki ki vajah se mai apni calculation strong kar paogi
  1. How to do fast calculation? Presented by Dhiraj Singh Chauhan

  2. About me B.Sc. (Hons.) from BHU Varanasi . 24th rank in CGL-2015(tier 1+tier2) Score: tier 1-150 .tier 2- 347.25 total-497.25 out of 600 Course fee: CONTRIBUTE Follow me on Unacademy at: https:/lun .

  3. Objective To help aspirants improve efficiency by providing tips and tricks V To acquaint the aspirants with the knowledge required to solve a wide range of questions

  4. Target Audience Anybody who is aspiring to write S SC CGL Examination

  5. Contribute If this course is helping you in any way, please pay a voluntary professional fees by clicking on 'Contribute' It will really motivate me to come up with better and more engaging courses!

  6. Overview This lesson contains a number of question covering on how to do fast calculations