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(Hindi) Calculate at Lightning Fast Speed : Tricks for Solving Quantitative Aptitude


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Dhiraj Singh Chauhan

If you learn to perform complex mathematics calculation fastly within a minimal time, irrespective of which field you deal with, it will always help you immensely. The major advantage of knowing certain math tricks will definitely render you confidence and positive edge over the other competitors. Keeping this context in mind, Dhiraj Singh Chauhan has designed this course in such a way that you can learn to manage time like never before in exams by learning fast calculation techniques. The lessons in this course would help you improve your efficiency as it provides various tips and tricks to crack difficult calculations. The course also helps you to acquaint the knowledge required to solve a wide range of questions. In the first lesson of this course, Dhiraj briefs you about the basics which one should remember and teaches some tricks. The next lessons followed after also have tricks which you can use to find a solution to complex multiplication, square roots and much more. He has also provided some vital advice for managing time in exams. Tags: SSC CGL, SSC CGL Quant, SSC CGL Tier 1, SSC CGL Tier 2, Tier 1 Strategy CGL, CGL Quant Videos, CGL Quant Lectures, CGL 2017 Strategy, Tricks Quant SSC CGL, SSC CGL 2017 Online Videos, SSC CGL Online Lectures.

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