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Nucleophilic Substitution
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In this video, we discuss about the Nucleophilic Substitution of the Aryl Halides and the mechanism behind it.

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Sachin Rana
IIIrd Year UG, IIT Bombay | YouTuber with over 129k subscribers at Sachin Rana [IITB] | Organic Chemistry & Maths Expert.

Unacademy user
at 5:03, what is elemental effect???
Animesh Kumar
a month ago
when rate of reaction depends on (R-X) then that reaction shows ELEMENTAL EFFECT.
Good video bro. A doubt: in the second slide you told that better the leaving group better the nucleophilic substitution on benzene. Leaving group ability of I>Br>Cl>F because strong acid has weak conjugate base and weak bases are good leaving group,and as size increases leaving tendency increases. So shouldn't Iodobenzene have more rate than rest of the others. Bro I'm confused. Could you please clarify my doubt. Thank you so much bro. Take care. Have a great day:-D
Easu Vaish
a year ago
Dexter xzteE
a year ago
The rate of reaction depends on the rate determining step. The RDS here is the formation of carboanion and hence we see its stability rather than which is a better leaving group. Hope it helps.
Pulkit Khurana
a year ago
same doubt ..... but no reply ...
Jake R
9 months ago
He's just into making more and more videos now without realizing that he is not showing his responsibility . I dont think he will reply any more like in the start of last year. But anyways this is free content. So dont expect so much .
Rishabh Sahai
9 months ago
he does reply in his new vids, u cant expect him to reply each and every comment(there are more than 1000s), the explanation is top notch
Deuterium tritium
4 months ago
@Jake R, He is also a student. He has taken time out of his schedule to make free content. How much more "responsibility" do you want him to show? And he does reply to doubts on his new videos. He regularly posts videos, you can't expect him to reply to every doubt from his new videos and his old videos.
Jake R
4 months ago
he should hire someone to search useful doubts in his old videos and reply to them . And also by responsibility i mean instead of making new videos he should focus on making old videos better so that you wont have a lot of doubts and stuff . for example can you explain hyperconjugation through M.O.T ? No right, you just know how to fing no of alpha hydrogens . Its okay mediocre people wont understand... no point wasting my time
sir which is the next chapter?
Do we have to remember these temperatures for jee?
Do we have to remember these temperatures for jee?

  2. 25D-3OD C

  3. hem F io attached 4: > >6/. .. ifuir do

  4. No No Le MS NO 2 NO NO

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