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Important Questions
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The last video for the chapter where we take a quick revision for the topics.

Sachin Rana is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sachin Rana
IIIrd Year UG, IIT Bombay | YouTuber with over 129k subscribers at Sachin Rana [IITB] | Organic Chemistry & Maths Expert.

Unacademy user
pls provide UPPSC syllabus analysis also
Sir I came to know that your Comprehensive Org Chem course will not be there...this really sucks cuz I have paid the amount and cancelled the lectures of another Prof. I had hired....and now its just one month from where will I get a new sir for organic chemistry and its doubts....I took this course cuz you said that this will be the best org chem course. Pls Sir if not here then somewhere else (YouTube) or make a closed group on FB for doubts....
Amaan Laskar
a year ago
bro why the course is cancelled?
Anish Lodha
a year ago
I don't know ...they said due to some reasons....I have literally lost my comfort zone and definently 2-3 days will be wasted....Hope sir understands and he should start a new course somewhere else on nominal charges so that more students can join...In one of his videos sir said that 68 seats are filled..was that true
Sweet cute
a year ago
why what happened why will it not start?????
sir i appreciate ur efforts in making the videos and increasing the pace of the course....but i request if u could also chk comments as early as possible....i understand u r busy with ur studies...but if possible ....its actually crucial time going on for us aspiriants...u definitely understand that better than others...thx for your efforts
Bhaiyya!! Thank you sooo much Organic has become a child's play now!! :)
Techie Nauty
a year ago
Thank you so much bro. You're doing a great job. Organic chemistry is become very easy and interesting because of you. Keep rocking bro! Take care. Have a great day !:-D
Bro in EliAddn-2 the last question is doubt for many of the people. Please say the key points. ;-)
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