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Elimination Addition Mechanism (II)
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Part II: In this video, we discuss about the Elimination Addition Mechanism of the Aryl Halides and many examples for it.

Sachin Rana is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sachin Rana
IVth Year UG, IIT Bombay | YouTuber (143k subs) | Mentored 3 under 100 ranks in JEE Advanced | No. 1 educator for Organic Chemistry

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OCH3 is -IE but it is +M at the same time, then I believe +M should be considered which would contradict and oppose all the major and minor products formed
Saksham Jha
4 months ago
Only Inductive effect is applicable om carbanions. Mesomeric effect does not account for the stability of cabanions.
sir last question samaj nhi aaya 🤔
One correction - OCH3 is one the strongest EDG.
and hence I believe the major and minor products would swap.
Aman Sharma
8 months ago
He is right since he said methoxy group is electron withdrawing without resonance and by that he mean methoxy group is an electron withdrawing group by induction. 01:40 You also said right in therms of resonance perspective as methoxy is an electron donating group by resonance. His answer is also right,, you can see it here
Aman Sharma
8 months ago
you may think why it is not in resonance, so the reason is, as sachin bhaiya said, If we remove hydrogen, we get negative charge on the ring itself and hence there will be no resonance (Just imagine how resonance occurs and you will understand that) and methoxy will show electron withdrawing group nature by induction. (as it is not in resonance)
Yeah, I get it now. Thanks for the heads up. Btw I think sir wrote in one of the slides that -OCH3 is a EWG but CH3 is a EDG so it should somewhat neutralize the EW capability of the O atom in -OCH3, so I considered it as minimal. But I get what you're saying.
if u can't reply Plzz don't tell a lie to help us out in comment section ok..
If only you could have used google or some reference books instead of writing a moronic comment here. He's doing more than enough already. Quit the spoon feeding, help yourself sometimes.
Deuterium tritium
7 months ago
He replies to all new videos. This video is more than a year old.
Gautam chettiar
7 months ago
You haven't given him anything, you have no right to ask him for anything
Bro I understood everything except the last slide. I am confused about what you are saying. Please do something. ;-)
Vatsaul Desai
2 years ago
same bro didnt get what sir tried to say
Raja Durai bro, I think I understood what Sachin bro is trying to say. First step the benzyne intermediate is formed and chlorine is eliminated. Then one of the bond in the triple bond shifts(as bro told, here we have two cases) and the NH2(-)attacks. As there are no electron withdrawing or releasing group I think there equal chance for both the products. When the bond shifts, if there a positive charge on the marked carbon, NH2(-) attacks there and there is negative charge formed on the adjacent carbon to the marked carbon. The H(+) attacks on the negative charge. Aniline is formed and NH2 group formed on the marked carbon. Now this reacts with NaOH thus forming the first product in (B) in 4th slide. In the second case bond breaks and the positive charge is formed on the carbon adjacent to the marked carbon. The reactions occur similar to which is mentioned above and that forms the second product in (B). Hope this helped in understanding. All the best :-D.
Raja Durai
2 years ago
Hari Thank you very much bro ;-)
You're most welcome:-D
Devansh Sharma
2 years ago
thanks Hari for explaination .. here i had same doubt.
Devansh you're most welcome.:-D
Abhijeet Singh
2 years ago
But nh2 is not a good leaving group how can oh- substitute nh2-
That is what I also think Abhijeet. The final products should be amines as NH2- is a stronger base than OH- and OH can't substitute NH2.
Or the question should have had KOH instead of KNH2. Correct me if somebody thinks otherwise.
Or the question should have had KOH instead of KNH2. Correct me if somebody thinks otherwise.
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