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Note Making and Summarizing
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This lesson teaches how to do good note making and summarising with examples.

Ishanee Akshda
Studying Philosophy (H) from University of Delhi Unflinching dedication for Dancing, painting and reading!

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thank u so much sir... really mind blowing mcqs....👍

  2. INTRODUCTION x Note making is noting down important and relevant points of a lecture or whatever you are reading for future use. Difference between note-making and note- taking Summarizing is preparing a simplified and condensed form of the notes prepared

  3. POINTS FOR NOTE-MAKING Why? What to include? X How to do it? Extensive reading Use of letters and numbers, symbols Abbreviations

  4. FORMAT Heading 1. Subheading 1.a Point 1 1.b Sub-Sub heading 1.b.1 Sub Point 1 1.b.2 Sub Point 2 1.c Point 1 2. Subheading 2 2.a Point 1 .b Sub-Sub heading 2.b.1 Point 1 Key abbr. abbreviation avt. aviation fmly. family pnt. point engg. engineer

  5. EXAMPLE OF NOTE-MAKING The Hindu celebrations of Diwali, Holi, Pongal and Dussehra are the most popular religious holidays in India and therefore are considered public holidays by the government. This means that all children have the day off from sehool and most employees have the day off from work. Throughout India, there are dozens of festivals and celebrations that take place celebrating different religious and cultural occasions. Although these are not considered to be national" or "public" holidays by the Indian government, they are nevertheless observed and employees are allowed to take an unpaid day off for the ones in which they honor.

  6. Indian festivals A.Sub-heading 1 Point 1 Point 2 B.Sub-heading 2 Point 1 Key note

  7. SUMMARIZING SQ3R Survey Question Read Recall Review

  8. EXAMPLE If the effort against Judge Thomas fizzles and the organizations are seen to have grossly overreached, their credibility will be badly damaged in any future battles. Can Clarence Thomas be confirmed to the Supreme Court? Studied for priesthood; Thomas attended Roman Catholic schools through college and studied for the priesthood.

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