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Group Discussion
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This course is on Group Discussion, its meaning, how to face it and it's Features

Ishanee Akshda
Studying Philosophy (H) from University of Delhi Unflinching dedication for Dancing, painting and reading!

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thanks mam...... Very fruitful, effective lesson mam Senses are the gate ways of knowledge is said by Rossoue ( Naturalism) kahe books pe dekha me nay Q no. 2 jub yeh philosophy ideas pe b zoor deti hai... too idealism se match b karti hai.. inn k hisaab se ideas kya hai
yes acc to Rousseau senses are the gateway of knowledge.... in this philosophy which is based on can sense or feel anything through your senses... that's why this ism emphasize the knowledge through senses.....plz do watch all videos that you can clear all your doubts easily
it's very informative dear...
  1. GROUP DISCUSSION By Ishanee Akshda

  2. Introduction In a GD, a group of individuals with maybe similar interest who gather either formally or informally to bring up ideas, solve problems or give comments Mostly used in the selection process for a job etc. It's a test of personality Human resource can be effectively managed through good communication skills All leaders are good communicators!

  3. Aspects that a GD member should keep in mind-- Leadership qualities Knowledge of the subject matter Analytical ability Clarity of thought Conviction and flexibility

  4. What does a leader in GD do? It's a competition, that you need to keep in mind Speaking is very essential, but even listening to others is equally important Leader in a GD is responsible to put together the opposite views expressed so that the discussion can be taken forward If somebody is not vocal enough, it's the leader's responsibility to make him/her speak A leader in the GD controls the discussion and fprms a conclusion

  5. How to face a GD? The topic is generally about the recent happenings or something significant that has happened Its necessary to have a strong GK! Think and speak logically, but think for too long Speak in simple lang Present your thoughts clearly Analyze what others speak and take the discussion further Non-verbal communication is also important

  6. Some examples Secularism and communalism in our country CBSE and its implementation Student elections and issue of ethics India's huge population-bane or boon? Kashmir problem ne India One Election- Pros and Cons Are digital payments secure enough for the Indian economy to go cashless? Ban 500 1000 notes-Corruption Uprooted or ust changing ciothes

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