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Letter Writing
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This lesson is on letter writing. It teaches of the formal and informal letter, how to write a letter, it's essentials, all explained through examples.

Ishanee Akshda
Studying Philosophy (H) from University of Delhi Unflinching dedication for Dancing, painting and reading!

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Vineet Loomba
a year ago
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Well presented. Definations and wordings are very simple, clear and easy to understand. Love it, appreciated. Keep up the good work.
Mam, Thank you. appreciated. it will really help me .
  1. Letter Writing By Ishanee Akshda

  2. Obiective Formal and informal Types of formal with examples Format

  3. Introduction A formal letter is an official letter. It is a letter written for official reason. A formal letter is written for different purposes which are. Make a complaint. Request something An informal letter is a letter vou would write to a friend, a family member or an acquaintance.

  4. An Informal Letter Format Retum Address Line 11 Retum Address Line 2 Date (Monh Day, Year) 2 Dear Name of Recipient, 3 Body Paragraph Body Paragraph Body Paragraph 3. Closing (Sincerely. Signature 6

  5. Example of an informal letter Dear Jane, I hope you've recovered from the trip, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! I'm just writing to ask whether you could send me a copy of the photo you took of the sun setting over the mountains on the last evening. I think you took some photos of me with the sunset in the background, but there should be one that just shows the sunset The reason I'm after that particular photo is that I think it would look great as the screen saver on my laptop. I'm fed up with the stock image that Ive got at the moment, and I was hoping to change it for something really stunning that I had aken myseltf I did take a fantastic picture of the sunset, but somehow managed to delete it on my camera, t would be great if you could email a copy to me if you have it. Speak soon Jim

  6. Formal letter format Date (Month Day. Year) Mr/Ms Full name of recipient Title/Position of Recipient. Company Recipient's Address Line 1 Recipient's Address Line 2 Name Dear Ms./Mrs./Mr. Last Name Subject: Title of Subject Body Paragraph 1 Body Paragraph 2 Body Paragraph 3 Sincerely Signature Your Name Your Title

  7. Parts of formal letter Heading Reference no Date Inside address Subject line Salutation Body Complimentary close Signature Enclosure

  8. Example of a formal letter 02 Soeet Vancouver, Washingon 666 123 Mphabet Drive tosAngeins Colfomia 9000 5 Octobe 206 Mr. John Doe Customer Service Representae Widgets Galore, inc 87 Widget Steeet Dear Mr.Doe 1am writing You concerning recent purchne e, wdets Appronately two weeks oga, on October 1, ordened total of 50 widgrts for Company, hc via the Widerts Galore clent webpag I received an email nobfcation two days later conhrming the redeipt of payment and the shipment of the widgets ALeorang to your webite. shignhenes should reach their destination wehn 35 tutiness days or ber sent, but Iave yet to receive the widgets Do you have any formation on what may have happened to delay the shipment or where the shipment is currently have worked with Widgets Galore, Inc in the pant and hawe the greatest comfidence in your products and customer service, We need the shipment of widgets soon, however, andi hoped you might be able to provide me with an ides of when Fcan epect them,hank you in atvance for any heio you might be Sincerely, Vice President ol Compay,In Winters

  9. Structure Why? What? whom? Then what? Then how?

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