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NEWS- Launch of GSAT-6A Satellite
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IRNSS, RLV-TD, Important facts for examination

Lohit Kumar Yadav
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Thank you very much Madam. But, I have a concern over here. Orissa (Now Odisha) state was formed in 1936 based on the spoken language "odia". So, I think Orissa (Now Odisha) should be the first linguistic state. Could you please clarify ?
10 months ago
1 linguistic state was ANDHRA PRADESH in 1953
  1. News- Launch of GSAT-6A (Contd.) Lohit K. Yadav

  2. S Band wavelength 4 GHz Electromagnetic spectrum covering frequencies from 2 to . Lies between SHF and UHF bands . Used globally for 4G services Strategic use in defense

  3. Issue with GSAT-6A Lost contact in less than 48 hours of launch Loss in contact because of power failure or short circuit in the satellite

  4. RLV-TID . India's Reusable Launch Vehicle - Technology Demonstrator . Successful demonstration by scaled model . A shuttle will be able to launch Satellite in space and land spacecraft back on earth, thus dramatically reducing the cost of space missions

  5. IRNSS . e . . Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System Operational name NAVigation with Indian Constellation (NavIC) Independent regional na Two types of services: a. b. igation system Standard positioning services (SPS): Provided to all the users Restricted Services (RS): encrypted services provided only to authorized users Positional accuracy of 20 m in primary area. Consists . of seven navigation Satellite. o IRNSS-1H was the latest launch in IRNSS. IRNSS-1H would have been the replacement for IRNSS-1A. But launch failed as heat shield does not separate.

  6. Applications of IRNSS are: Terrestrial, Aerial and Marine navigation Disaster management * Vehicle tracking and fleet Managemen Integration with mobile phones Precise timing Mapping and Geodetic data capture Terrestrial navigation aid for hikers and travellers Visual and voice navigation for drivers

  7. Some important terms 1. Apogee: is the point in the orbit where the satellite is at maximum 2. Perigee: is the point in the orbit where the satellite is nearest to the 3. Altitude: of a satellite is its heights with respect to the surface immediately distance from the Earth. Earth below it

  8. Important facts PSLV-C37 successfully launches 104 Satellites in a single flight o Launched 714 kg cartosat-2 series Satellite along with 103 others o Historic mission and a record in itself. . Chandrayaan 2 will be India's second mission to moon Aditva: for study of sun . Mars orbiter mission 2 also called Mangalyan 2

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