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NEWS 30/03/18 - 04/04/18
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NEWS from 30/03/18 - 04/04/18

Lohit Kumar Yadav
IRSME. Graduated in Mechanical engineering. Secured AIR 1 in ESE 2017. Believes in Quality Education for all.

Unacademy user
Sir! how many months of current affairs, should I prepare for ese prelims??
There is no fixed period as older current affairs are also sometimes asked but last 1 year important current affairs should be covered
Vipin Pandey
a year ago
Oh! thanx
Sir please cover all the portion in GS which will come in ESE 2019
Yes, will work in it
Ravi kumar
a year ago
Thank you sir I have already completed these videos and thorough with it. So eagerly waiting for the new ones! Hope you will upload as early as possible
Sir! how many months of current affairs, should I prepare for ese prelims??
  1. NEWS: 30/03/18 - 04/04/18 Lohit K. Yadav

  2. Bharatmala Project Source: The Hindu *Biggest highway construction project in history of India . It wil improve connectivity particularly on economic corridor, border areas and far flung areas with an aim of quick movement of cargo and boosting exports The newer roads are expected to increase the speed of vehicles and decrease supply chain cost Will reduce logistics cost, impacting exports and investment Main agencies tasked with construction are o NHA o National highway and industrial development corporation o State public works department

  3. Kaziranga, Assam Famous for one horned rhino population Also a UNESCO world heritage site Recently census was done and estimated the population to increase Other Habitats o Pobitra wildlife sanctuary, Assam o Manas national park, Assam o Orlang National park, Assam . .

  4. Indian brain template National brain research center. Harvana Database of brain images that, when coupled together, could result in a so called IBT

  5. Swach Bharat Abhiyan National Annual Rural Sanitation Survey (NARSS- 2017-18) Kerala and Mizoram tops State list ( 100% of household which do not practice open defacation. . . . UP and Bihar bottom of ranking (44% of such household) * This survey will be used to develop 3 progress indicators against which the WIB will release funds in future ODF Status: o No visible faeces found in the environment/village o And every household as well as public/community institution using a safe technology option for disposal of faeces

  6. Access to toilets defined as: Households having access to a toilet that they own, or having access to a shared toilet which can be used by multiple families or have access to community toilet. o

  7. Rosy Starlings . . Winter visitors to the city They are migratory bird Vijayawada

  8. Tiangong-1 China's space lab . Gone out of control . Unbounded earthbound plunge . The first US space station SKYLAB fell into earth in an uncontrolled entry

  9. Periyar Tiger reserve National park and wildlife sanctuary Protected area near Thekkady, Kerala Elephant reserve and a Tiger reserve .

  10. New plant species reported from the western Ghats . Fimbristvlis agasthvamalaensis Found in marshy grasslands within Agasthyamalaensis biosphere reserve

  11. Thank you