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Wildlife Protection Act, PETA, Krishna Godavari Basin, Gas Hydrates.

Lohit Kumar Yadav
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  1. Important F'acts Lohit K. Yadav

  2. Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 Provides for the protection of animals birds and plants and matters connected with them to preserve Ecology and Environment J&K has it's own wildlife act Provision for CITES ( Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) It has six schedules giving different level of protection INDIAN WILDLIFE PROTECTION ACT

  3. Schedule I and Schedule II occlude species which get absolute protection and the offences under this are prescribed the highest penalties Schedule V includes the animals which mav be hunted Itivation and planting

  4. Act constitutes a National board of Wildlife Sets up National Tiger Conservation Authority *

  5. Five kind of protected Areas can be notified in the Act 1. Wildlife Sanctuary: Central or state government notification declares and area century for protecting wildlife The government determines the nature and extent of rights of persons in or over the land within sanctuary a. b. 2. National Parks: Central or state government declares a area as a national park for the purpose of protecting and developing wildlife and its environment a. b. It can or cannot be inside a Sanctuary c. State government can only alter the boundaries of a national park on the recommendations of national board for wildlife d. No grazing allowed

  6. 3. Tiger Reserve: Reserved for protection of tiger in the country State government on the recommendation of the Tiger conservation authority notify an area as a tiger reserve Also need to prepare Tiger conservation plan 4. Conservation Reserves: Declared by the state government after the consultations with local communities Area is owned by the govern ment Conservation Reserve Management Committee

  7. 5. Community Reserve: Declared by State Government in ndividual who have volunteered to conserve wildlife declared any private or community land as community reserve A Community Reserve Management Committee . D consultation with a community or an

  8. PETA( People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Animal rights organisation t worked through public education cruelity investigation research animal rescue legislation special events celebrity involvement in protest campaign Focuses on four areas: o In the food industrv o In the clothing trade o In laboratories o In the entertainment industrv

  9. Krishna Godavari Basin Extensive deltaic plain forme by two large coast rivers, Krishna and Godavari in the state of Andhra Pradesh and adioining areas oft Bay of Bengal Petroliferous Basin Exploration activities by ONGC, Reliance and others Reserves of gas hydrates Home to Olive ridley turtles . .

  10. Gas Hydrates Is a solid iee like form of water that contains gas molecules in it's molecular cavities Gas is mostly methane Gas hydrates are stable at sea floor at water depths beneath 500 m Important source of natural gas Gas molecules Water molecules