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National Income Accounting Part 1
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2. 1 some basic concepts of macro economics.

Mohini Jain
Gold medalist in Economics and graduate from St. Francis. Loves to read novels.

Unacademy user
7 minutes!! again thank you mam
Divya Gupta
6 months ago
Ur welcome keep practicing😊
madam hindi m krwa do yahi course
mam ap bahoot hi fast sikhati hai apaka speed thoda kam hota to understanding achhi hoti
Mohini Jain
7 months ago
ok Prasad...will consider it...:)
Hello Mam, can you provide pdf for entire lecture
Mohini Jain
6 months ago
hey can download the have the provision for it.. :)
so are "for further production goods" and intermediary goods same?or are they two different types?
Mohini Jain
9 months ago
They are same..!
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