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Income Method
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Income method and comparison of all the three methods.

Mohini Jain
Gold medalist in Economics and graduate from St. Francis. Loves to read novels.

Unacademy user
here you used the alphabet 'm' to denote household but in the formula of GDP you have wrote 'n' for rents please clear my confusion whether this is m or n
Mohini Jain
10 months ago
Can you please tell me in which video...?
Ritu mehra
10 months ago
in the video of calculating GDP through income method
Mohini Jain
10 months ago
I haven't written n for rents there... It's written as r for rent and m for household...
what is gold monetisation scheme ?
Mohini Jain
10 months ago
These ambitious schemes were launched to reduce the physical demand for gold and fish out 20,000 tonnes of the precious metal lying idle with households and institutions.
Chanchal Tomar
10 months ago
how come ? how they incentivised people to exchange gold for money ?
Mohini Jain
10 months ago
The are not exchanging gold... Check the scheme online once :)
In Previous Video, M denotes as Imports but in this video you are saying that M denotes no. of firms. Please clarify
Mohini Jain
a year ago
Previous video M was imports in the context of X-M... In this video to denote the no. Of households. Ncert again uses the alphabet 'M'

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  5. X-M In GDP csm MeolMetta rtethad

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