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Mnemonic Tricks to Learn Governor General of India Part-1(in Hindi)
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This is Mnemonic Tricks to Learn Governor General of India (The Lord Curzon to The Viscount Mountbatten)& Years from (1899-1948) (in Hindi)

Vivek Kumar singh
When I say 'I am a teacher,' it's like saying, 'I am a human.' It's not what I do. It's who I am! I Like to Learn Teach & Spread Knowledge.

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Ma’am can you help me solve u(x,y)=min{x,2y}+max{2x,y} .. how do I draw it indifference curve and find its demand function
Tanya Bhatia
2 years ago
its indifference curve will be l shaped and concave shaped and for demand function apply the complemenatry case
I had asked for this ... Thank you so much for considering my request. Waiting for Clive to The Earl of Elgin
Please make course on Sessions of Congress and Leaders associated with them
1 Thank you. :) 2 C-M-H-C-R-I W-L-W-M.