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(Hindi) Mnemonic Tricks for General Science


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37 reviews

Vivek kumar Singh

This course is about learning General Knowledge (GK/GS) in interesting ways by using the mnemonic tricks and techniques. The course objective is to discuss the previous years questions asked in different competitive examinations on the basis of these mnemonics tricks.



37 reviews

Abhishek Kumar

reviewed on May 29, 2017

Interesting course. You have compiled most boring things in very funny and interesting way. Please do continue this series, we are hopefully looking forward.

Arpit Singh

reviewed on May 27, 2017

Good work Vivek,Keep lessons short and come out with more tricks.You can easily covert 4-5 tricks in one lesson

Roobitha Masanam

reviewed on May 29, 2017

An extremely extremely important course to watch.. Dont miss it aspirants.

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