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Medical Terms : Lesson 4
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  2. Different categories covered: Course 1 Types of Persons Course 2: Types of Places Course 3: Political Terms and Terms used for Murders Course 4: Medical Terms Course 5:Marital Terms and Religious Terms Course 6: Scientific Instruments Course 7: Terms Denoting Names of Different Subjects Course 8 : Terms Concerning Army, Wars a Course 9 : Miscellaneous Unpopular words

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  5. One word substitution New Pattern MEDICAL TERMS

  6. To find out the nature of a disease based on its symptoms diagnose. Lets memorize: when you visit a doctor he listens to you and diagnoses your problem and then prescribes you medicine.

  7. The science of diseases of the human body pathology Lets memorize: A science which deals with the diseases of human body, is pathology

  8. Branch of medical science which studies the nervous system - neurology. Lets memorize: Branch of medical science which studies the nervous system is neurology

  9. An ailment that lasts for a short time - sickness Lets memorize: For example a normal headache is a sickness

  10. An ailment that lasts for a long time - illness. Lets memorize: For example you are suffering from jaundice. Then it is an illness.

  11. something which checks infection- antiseptic. Lets memorize: Antiseptic is a substance which is applied to prevent infection. There are antiseptic creams, sprays etc.

  12. A pain caused by a cut or injury - pain Lets memorize: A pain when you suffer a cut or injury is called pain