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Medical Terms : Lesson 1 (in Hindi)
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Barkha Agrawal
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for English.. you're the best teacher for me
Divyanshu Varshney
5 months ago
thanks dear kindly give 5* rating and review , and watch all the courses of English and GS
my mom need to see an oculist , as she is facing vision prblm🤧
thanku so much mam
Mam, Eye specialist doctor commonly known as Ophthalmologist. Mam , Is this correct or not please reply.
mam preposition par ek complete course banaiye.
  1. BARKHA AGRAWAL Statistics Graduate Business Marketing Professional Veteran Educator Cleared SSC/IBPS/CAT/IIT-BHU

  2. New Pattern : One Word Substitution COURSE 4: MEDICAL TERMS

  3. One word substitution: New Pattern MEDICAL TERMS

  4. A graduate of medical school serving his apprenticeship in a hospital - intern Lets memorize: E RN A person who is a medical graduate and is currently doing apprenticeship is called an intern.

  5. The treatment of female ills - gynaecology Lets memorise: Science that deals with female ills is called gynaecology and the doctors who deal with such problems is a gynaecologist

  6. Branch of medical science that deals with the diseases of children- paediatrics Let's memorise: Science that deals with the ills of children is called paediatrics and the doctors who deal with such ills is paediatrician

  7. A doctor who treats skin diseases- dermatologist Lets memorise: A doctor who treats skin diseases is called a dermatologist and the science which deals with the same is dermatology

  8. A doctor who treats heart diseases- cardiologist Lets memorise: My neighbour suffered a heart attack and he was rushed to a cardiologist. Cardiologist is a doctor dealing with heart diseases.

  9. A specialist in mental disorders - psychiatrist Lets memorise: Problems related to psychology are attended by a psychiatrist.

  10. 02 A specialist in eye diseases oculist Lets memorise: A doctor who attends problems related to eyes is an oculist.

  11. A disease that attacks many people - epidemic Lets memorise: A disease that has attacked many people in a same area is called epidemic.