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(Hindi) New Pattern : One Word Substitution (Medical Terms) - SSC Exams


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25 reviews

Barkha Agrawal

Barkha has prepared different important courses covering the entire One Word Substitution on New Pattern in an innovative manner i.e category vise devided One Word . In this course she is covering category 4 (Different types of Medical Terms)



25 reviews

Mansi Sharma

reviewed on Aug 19, 2019

I am enjoying this course as you are relating words with our daily life and this makes sessions Interesting as well as effective. Thank you for this course. This is really helpful for our exam.

Akash Sharma

reviewed on Aug 19, 2019

Great course ... Totally exam oriented....I use to memorize things before but after seeing these courses and methodology of understanding the true meaning it will become easy for me to have command on one words...Thanks a lot...

Astha Kashyap

reviewed on Aug 17, 2019

Mam ab to Doctor hi bna diya apne such an Amazing course!! Medical terms is abstruse n u made it easy soo grateful!!

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