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MCQs On Human Circulatory System Part 1 (in Hindi)
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MCQs On Human Circulatory System Part 1

Juhi Mishra is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Juhi Mishra
JAI HIND 🇮🇳 M.Sc Botany(gold medalist)CET,DCA,B.Ed. Be Best In BIOLOGY Follow & Subscribe 🎯NEET

Unacademy user
thank you sir,,aap late ho jaaye to koi prblm ni h,,bus continue rakhiye.🙂
film never heard but got it right I never wait for you to ans Most of the time I am correct very useful. Thankyou
Juhi Mishra
5 months ago
Thanks a lot for your positive response.. share my lessons to others also. And rate 5 star
this is really very helpful . thank you ma'am
Juhi Mishra
5 months ago
mam i think universal donor answer should be O- not just O
thank you so much mam iski bhut jarurat thi ... mam apne human physiology k lectures v upload KR rkhe h Kya please Bata dijiye
Juhi Mishra
7 months ago
Sare lessons nhi h, but digestion, breathing, excretion, locomotion pe full lectures h
Fiza Sheikh
7 months ago
mam circulatory per NH h Kya
Fiza Sheikh
7 months ago
mam circulatory per NH h Kya
Thanks a lot mam
Juhi Mishra
6 months ago
Welcome Om
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  3. MCOs On Human Circulatory System Part1 By- Juhi S. Mishra

  4. Juhi S. Mishra #7 Verified Star Educator in Unacademy M.Sc. Botany ( Gold Medalist) CET, DCA & B.Ed. 7 Years of Biology Teachingg Experience in Foundation & Degree Level

  5. ? Question No: 1 Pulmonary artery carries blood from A heart to lungs B lungs to heart ungs to right auricle D lungs to left auricle

  6. Correct Answer:A

  7. ? Question No:2 Corneal grafts are generally not rejected by the recipient because cornea is A non living B non proteineceous non cellular D non vascularised

  8. Correct Answer: D

  9. ? Question No 3 Universal donor is the person with the blood group AB

  10. Correct Answer: D

  11. Correct Answer: B

  12. Correct Answer A

  13. Correct Answer: B

  14. ? Question No:8 Clotting of blood oozing out of a wound, involves Adrying as a result of evaporation of the plasma denaturation of the blood albumins by thrombin conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin by thrombin O haemolysis of erythrocytes

  15. Correct Answer: C