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MCQ on General Studies -4 (in Tamil)
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Hi Friends! In this lesson we will discuss about Mutiple choice questions for Group 1 Prelims part-4. It covers important MCQ from TNPSC General studies. Thank You!

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Komala Valli V
M.Tech IT Graduate |3 years experience as Assistant Professor | Will make creative and clear notes

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Komala Valli V
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  1. MCQ's on General Studies (Group 1 Prelims )- 4

  2. . Name: V.Komala Valli . Qualification: M.Tech IT o Experience : 3 Years as Assistant Professor o Hobbies: Reading Books, Listening Music Encourage Me : Like, Rate,Review and Share . Follow Me: aVa i

  3. 1. "India's 1st Air Taxi" was designed by which of the following University? a. Anna University b. IIT Madras c. Manipal University d. NIT Trichy

  4. Answer: a. Anna University . Drone Air Taxi: Anna University MIT's Daskha Team has designed a "India s lst Air Taxi"

  5. 2. Which of the following is "the SaaS capital of India"? a. Mumbai b. Bangalore c. Chennai d. Kolkata

  6. Answer: c. Chennai o TN CM Edapaadi K Palaniswami announced Chennai as the "the SaaS e 99 capital ofIndia"

  7. 3. B V R Mohan Reddy Committee is for? a. Not to allow setting up of new Engineering colleges from 2020 b. Not to allow setting up of new Medical colleges from 2020 c. Not to allow setting up of new B.Ed colleges from 2020 d. Not to allow setting up of new Arts colleges from 2020

  8. Answer: a. Not to allow setting up of new Engineering colleges from 2020 . BVRMohan Reddy Committee: B V R Mohan Reddy has suggested All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) not to allow setting up of new Engineering colleges from 2020

  9. the study of inscriptions a. Biography b. Epigraphy c. Archigraphy d. NOne

  10. Answer: b. Epigraphy o Epigraphy is the study of inscriptions. Inscriptions are documents scripted on stone, copper plates, and other media such as coins, rings, etc

  11. 6. Which is the first wave to reach the epicentre? a. Primary Waves b. Secondary Waves c. Surface Waves d. None

  12. Answer: a. Primary Waves Primary or P-waves: The fastest of all the Earthquake waves and the first to reach the epicentre. These waves pass through solids, liquids and gases, either through push or pull with an average velocity of 5.3km per second to 10.6 km per second.

  13. Surface Waves (or) L-waves: . Similar to P-waves but they travel primarily along the ground surface. . These waves travel comparatively slower and are the most destructive waves. . The average velocity of these waves are 1 km per second to 5 km per second.

  14. Drumlin: . Drumlins are deposits of glacial moraines that resemble giant inverted teaspoons or half cut eggs.

  15. Answer: b. an island mountain Inselberg is a German term which means an island mountain. . Certain hard rocks like igneous rocks are more resistant to wind action. e Such isolated residual hills rising abruptly from their surroundings are termed as inselbergs. Eg. Uluru or Ayers Rock, Australia.

  16. 9. When winds blow over these rocks, the soft layers get eroded leaving irregular crests. These are called a. Inselberg b. Yardangs c. Barchan d. Loess

  17. Answer: b. Yardangs . In arid regions, certain rocks have hard and soft layers arranged vertically. When winds blow over these rocks, the soft layers get eroded leaving irregular crests, These are called yardangs.

  18. 10. Which one forms crescent shaped sand dunes? a. Barchan Loess c. Spit d. None b.