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Matter: Introduction and Definition
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In this lesson we will discuss about the matter and types of classification of matter.

Hajrah Khan
Electronics and communication Engineer || teach: chemistry for IX- XII (IITJEE) || hobbies : books, music,fabric painting

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  1. What is Matter?

  2. Matter? Anything which has mass and occupy space is known as matter. . For eg: chair, table, books, glass etc.

  3. Suppose if we take the eg of chair. So chair has some mass and also occupy the space, therefore chair is a matter. So all those things which has mass and occupies space are known as matter.

  4. Classification of matter: Matter is classified on two basis as follows: . 1) On the basis of its physical properties. . 2)On the basis of its chemical properties.

  5. On the basis of physical properties matter is classified as: 1) Solids 2) Liquids .3) Gases SOLID LIQUID GAS

  6. On the basis of chemical properties matter is classified as: 1) Elements 2)Compunds 3)Mixtures