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Master in Syllogism (Part -2) (in Hindi)
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In this video i discuss some important concept of syllogism

Jitendra Kumar Pathak
5 Years of Teaching Experience - CAT, BANKING, SSC & RAILWAY

Unacademy user
sir or thoda questions uploaded karo na
Rahul solanki
a year ago
  1. Stat Some bass aru ho-ls. ConsT. Au (autes axe bags. x T. Au baas a Cares. x ConST. Soma doctoxs axe ployexs as Stot Some exoms are tests Cons I. No ques-fion is a kst X . Some-ksis are exams

  2. tNo house is on aupaxtment Some apoxtmensbungaous Cons . No house is a bungasous X . Au burgalom being houses a PossibiftiX No Dri is an exasex. Cons . No butake is geox No month is a ga* ConS] 1. Au months coa seconds S Some Cities ate touns No geax is a Seconc T. No SeCond Is month. x Some Vllages are cities or' T. Some Ds Cxe As