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100% Score in Syllogism apporach for Previous Year Questions (Part 5) (in Hindi)
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In this Video I discuss Some Previous year questions of Syllogism possibility case

Jitendra Kumar Pathak
5 Years of Teaching Experience - CAT, BANKING, SSC & RAILWAY

Unacademy user
an influence of a good teacher can never be erased.....nd u r one of the best inspiring nd encouraging person of mine study life....ur courses help me a lot.. .I'm always excited to attend ur all courses....keep guiding us...tqq
Kunal Mishra
2 years ago
thank u so much Shilpa for such an overwhelming remarks :) thank u :)
Consider the following three statements: (i) Some roses are red. (ii) All red flowers fade quickly. (iii) Some roses fade quickly. Which of the following statements can be logically inferred from the above statements? (A) If (i) is true and (ii) is false, then (iii) is false. (B) If (i) is true and (ii) is false, then (iii) is true. (C) If (i) and (ii) are true, then (iii) is true. (D) If (i) and (ii) are false, then (iii) is false. Sir Please explian this question.
Slbhulk Hulk
9 months ago
ans is c?
Slbhulk Hulk
9 months ago
plz provide answer
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  4. Some wwods oxe avej xSat No mobile S a band Au bands axe patows Some pilouus x sheets bands are sheets, Some gocats ace cloex A least Some haxseS axe oloet

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