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Lesson 8: Idioms - 4
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Common idiomatic structures.

Himanshu Das
Senior Analyst at Dell. BITS Pilani Alumnus. Scored 99.67 percentile in CAT. Follow me to learn Maths and English for CAT preparation.

Unacademy user
Thank you Himanshu.This was a great lesson with a lot of learning
what about considered to be the best player?
3 months ago
I think it should be: "considered <noun/pronoun> to be the best ...". "Considered to be" seems redundant.
  1. Collection: Advanced Grammar Lesson 8- IDIOMS- 4

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  3. IDIOMS Considered: He is considered the best player of all time. tittHt

  4. IDIOMS Regarded He is regarded as the best player of all time. the best

  5. IDIOMS Disagree: * I disagree with your opinion.

  6. IDIOMS Forbidden: . You've been forbidden to enter my class.

  7. IDIOMS Declared Ram was declared the king of Ayodhya.

  8. IDIOMS Prefer: I prefer tea to coffee. Iprefer tea-over-eeffee

  9. IDIOMS Depict: . He was depicted as a saint.

  10. IDIOMS Concerned . I'm concerned about your health.