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Lesson 7: Idioms - 3
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Commonly tested idioms.

Himanshu Das
Senior Analyst at Dell. BITS Pilani Alumnus. Scored 99.67 percentile in CAT. Follow me to learn Maths and English for CAT preparation.

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Hi Nandini , Your explanation is very undestandable, Thank you for such n awesome cources. Could you please provide the Chapter 4 Link.
  1. Collection: Advanced Grammar Lesson 7- IDIOMS- 3

  2. About Me .B.E. from BITS Pilani Business Advisor, Dell . Follow me on Unacademy:

  3. IDIOMS Due to: . Modifies nouns e Replace "due to" by "caused by'; if it makes sense then "due to" is correctly used The match's cancellation was due to poor light.

  4. IDIOMS Because of o Modifies action Replace "due to" by "caused by"; if it does not make sense then "because 05 of" should be used. e The match was cancelled because of poor light

  5. IDIOMS AFFECT: Used as a verb. His presence affects me adversely. EFFECT: Used as a noun e His presence has effected me adversely

  6. IDIOMS While: . To show simultaneous actions While he was doing his homework, he saw the match. Although: To show a contrast. e Although he was supposed to do his homework, he focused on the match

  7. IDIOMS Even though: . To show contrast. Even though I consistently scored over 99%ile in my mocks, I could only score 95%ile in CAT Even with . To show a condition Even with all the guidance available with him he could only score 50%ile in CAT.

  8. IDIOMS Infinitives: . To + Verb" To show intent * The store was opened to help senior citizens access their favorite music. d fof helping th