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Lesson 8 discuss trigonometry textbook exercise (in Hindi)
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lesson 9 discuss trigonometry textbook exercise

Dr Pratibha Gupta
My name is Dr.pratibha Gupta .I am a teacher . My experience has been in teaching for math and science subject for several years in Delhi.

Unacademy user
Can we get the pdfs of these courses for last minute revision
Jay Patel
5 months ago
please click on download symbol on top of the course which u selected and select mode of download
  1. LA in erm ec 1 an A CotA Sec Rec A SecA Sec A SecA -

  2. g Evaluute x sin (40- os')

  3. Choose the con, Jush a) 0 Ans ) | sine Cobe Coge Coge Sin Casa cin 8

  4. Sin A n) See A 1

  5. ouing identihies , whure t ale involve rbve We acute a n L HS- Coo) Sine- 2

  6. COS A i+sin A Cos A Cos A Cos A 2 2. e C CosA CogA