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Lesson 8 discuss trigonometry textbook exercise (in Hindi)
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lesson 9 discuss trigonometry textbook exercise

Dr Pratibha Gupta
My name is Dr.pratibha Gupta .I am a teacher . My experience has been in teaching for math and science subject for several years in Delhi.

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Royal Farman of Farrukhshiyar 1717. (Not 1715)
  1. LA in erm ec 1 an A CotA Sec Rec A SecA Sec A SecA -

  2. g Evaluute x sin (40- os')

  3. Choose the con, Jush a) 0 Ans ) | sine Cobe Coge Coge Sin Casa cin 8

  4. Sin A n) See A 1

  5. ouing identihies , whure t ale involve rbve We acute a n L HS- Coo) Sine- 2

  6. COS A i+sin A Cos A Cos A Cos A 2 2. e C CosA CogA