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Lesson 2 trigonometery textbook 8.1 (in Hindi)
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lesson 2 discuss trinometry textbook exercise 8.1

Dr Pratibha Gupta
My name is Dr.pratibha Gupta .I am a teacher . My experience has been in teaching for math and science subject for several years in Delhi.

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NEED HELP!!!!! with a Humble Request what is best resources for basics ncert or gist of ncert if ncert then from which class to which class and for particulars subject from which class to which class and GURU G plz make a video on standard books also regards:-Diwakar will be waiting for ur response thank you Roman sir You R the best
If time permits go through NCERTs of class-VI to XII of Geography & History.Otherwise atleast Class-XI & XII. For Polity, you can skip NCERT by reading "Indian Polity by M.Laxmikant".Hope this helps you Diwakar :)
  1. EXERCISe -81 nqle SOL () Sin ACox A By Pythag0 0.3 Theorem (!) Sin C , Cos C , 2 AC= 25 cm os e to 7cmC ypo aoljag cent to anale A 25 Sinc 25 Cos c 25T Hypo A12

  2. 0 n iven 2- wem &R= 5 cm 5 Base 5 12- Base Now om p-lot R 5- 12 R Aus

  3. g + Sin A= . Calculate CosA &dan Ac Ans 3 Given 15 cot A = 8 , find in A & secA I5 Base agoras

  4. 5 Given Sece 13 12 alculte all other targonomehic. 12 /3 Base 0- 5 13 Sint = By Pytha goraa po 13 BC 169 44 - 35 Gcwe 13 12- Bo12 5