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Lesson 10 discuss trigonometry textbook exercise (in Hindi)
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Dr Pratibha Gupta
My name is Dr.pratibha Gupta .I am a teacher . My experience has been in teaching for math and science subject for several years in Delhi.

Unacademy user
veere tusi dasea hi ni chandigarh kado aye?
  1. COS A i+sin A Cos A Cos A Cos A 2 2. e C CosA CogA

  2. tan A - Cet A Cot A - tam A CosA SinA CoBA+ Sin A Cos A Co BA Sin A Co. A-sin A sinA Sin A COKA SinA CesA ee Sin A Co& A Sin CosA (sinA-GsA) .gn A Hag Atsing) Sins A H. S SinA Css A

  3. Sin A COSA + Sec A SoL L HS sin"A +Sec Cei Sec A 1- Cos A CoSA

  4. CosA Sin A Cos Asin A - cos A - sin2 A sin A SA Sin A

  5. Sec AtanA I- sinA SoL. +SinA I- Sin A LHS +SinA Sin A tSinA) I - SinA 2 COSA Cos A Co8A