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Lesson 21 - Week 3 - The Hindu Killer Course
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In this lesson Ashna talks about the important Current Affairs of June 2018

Ashna Sisodia is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ashna Sisodia
PSIR Optional Faculty, having scored 125+ in the prelims and 140 in Essay Paper and 110+ each in GS Papers in the UPSC Mains 2017.

Unacademy user
madam pls don't mind, ur atal is looks like a nat(national). i don't understand why can't make experiment by using other fonts. writing will consume more time than preparing by computer. please don't misunderstand ur innovation is too high. and my suggestion is if u want to write then pls write it on blank paper. overall color colour presentation is spr. thanks n i hope u will understand.
Ashna Sisodia
a year ago
Hi Karthik I have used as per your recommendation times new roman only and u are not getting the clean slide. That’s why i started putting slides like this. Give me few days and I will start putting Times new roman from week 3 Current Affairs
i don't know, why im facing that problem for ur presi only. other presis(prsntation) are ultra clear. it's k take ur own time who im to tell u must do, only thing i can say u can. why im saying is, to impr ur quality, definitely not to criticize.
mam this type of presentation is quite comprehensive easy to revise and after all quality is important than quantity
Ashna Sisodia
a year ago
Thanks Sukanya I am planning to use it in all lessons hopefully
madam previous style is best. we can get more points on the form of notes. so that we can note they. writing require more time , in that time you can cover more points for us. Thank you madam don't take into heart.
Ashna Sisodia
a year ago
Sharma take lesson 22 and let me know how u feel on the further details of the topic that i have provided later on.
Seychelles is a 115-island country, located in Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar, off East Africa.
Point wise notes are simply awesome. Its easy to revise. comfortable with this too. please mam you do what you like and feel more comfortable. thank you
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