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L1- Nyaya School of Philosophy
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Introduction, Pramana, Perception, Stages, Nyaya's View on Pramana

Vani Ravija
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Unacademy user
sir i hve got 58 % in my 10th can i give exam
Madam I am your big fan .plse send mcq test also
I really have enjoyed. its very helpful for ntanet exam.
mam the nirvikalp and svaviklp part ones more pls
Vani Ravija
4 months ago
Sure, you can check the QnA section appended at the end of "Philosophy Of Religion" Playlist. Best wishes!
ma'am can you provide nyaya school lectures in hindi language also ....please
Explanation is the best ,madam please type complete words . or give equivalent words like Th =Theory,MP=Metaphysical) at the end of your last lesson.It will benefit to make notes from your lesson . thank you
Vani Ravija
a year ago
Sure, will do so in the upcoming courses. Thanks for the suggestion.
  1. Nyaya

  2. About Me Vani Ravija Civil + Software Er. CAT/GATE/NMAT Kathak & Jazz Dancer Traveler Rate, Review, Recommend & Share

  3. SYLLABUS . Theory of Categories Theory of Appearance . Theory of Pramsna . Self, Liberation Nyaya- Vaisesika: God Proofs for the Existence of God Theory of Causation . Atomistic Theory of Creation

  4. Concepts to Cover Introduction Pramana Nyaya on Pramana Perception Stages to Nyaya

  5. Introduction to Nyaya School Pramanasastra Sc. of Knowledge / Epis. One of the sixTarkasastra> major orthodox Sc. Of Reasoning N Ep V -> MP schools

  6. Theory of Pramana p Way to know anything Truly /Means of K Perception / Pratyaksa Inference /Anumana . Comparison/Upamana Testimony/Sabda Types:

  7. Perception/Pratyaksa Conditions: * Direct Exp . Non-Verbal Definite . x Change Direct Cognition Ord. Perception -> Atma Mana / Sense Organs/Obj -> Mutual Contact Mediator -Mana [Self / Sense Organ]

  8. Stages of Perception Indeterminate Initial/ Random / No Knowledge through senses rvikalpaOnly Perceptual > Awareness only Determinate Transformed avikaina Org, Synth, Conceptualisation Det. by Differentiation, . Language / Cross Exam / Activity / Valid - Invalid / Anything

  9. Nyaya on Perception All Det Necessarily x Fallacy "Psychical Staircase Th." Cons. Of "That" Kant "What" Nirvikalpa

  10. Happy Learning HANK