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जीव विज्ञान 121-140 (in Hindi)
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Important biology questions

Unacademy user
Sir as u said CVC is due to an act, so it should be a STATUTORY body??
yes It is
Chakshu Agrawal
2 years ago
but he mentioned it as an executive body!
Yes it is an statutory executive body
Chakshu Agrawal
2 years ago
Can u plz clarify what does that mean?
Statutory means made by a law of Parliament. Executive as in three organs of State... legislature, executive and judiciary. I think you are confusing it with a body made by executive resolution like Niti Aayog. No law or Constitution mentions Niti Aayog. It is there because political executive that is Cabinet has taken a resolution to establish it.
Chakshu Agrawal
2 years ago