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(Hindi) Complete Crash Course on Science for UPTET


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Vivek Singh

This course covers Important Questions for Science section.


64 lessons • 5 h 44 m
Important Questions 1 (in Hindi)

8m 08s

Important Questions 7 (in Hindi)

12m 01s

Important Questions 2 (in Hindi)

8m 02s

Important Questions 3 (in Hindi)

9m 05s

Important Questions 4 (in Hindi)

8m 21s

Introduction of Course (in Hindi)

2m 12s

Important Questions 6 (in Hindi)

8m 29s

Important Questions 5 (in Hindi)

8m 13s

Important questions 8 (in Hindi)

6m 30s

Important questions 9 (in Hindi)

8m 04s

Important questions 10 (in Hindi)

8m 08s

Important questions 11 (in Hindi)

13m 02s

Important questions 12 (in Hindi)

10m 03s

Important questions 13 (in Hindi)

6m 16s

Important questions 14 (in Hindi)

6m 26s

अंतरिक्ष विज्ञान महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्नोत्तरी 1 (in Hindi)

7m 23s

अंतरिक्ष विज्ञान महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्नोत्तरी 2 (in Hindi)

10m 02s

Most Expected Questions on science 1-20 (in Hindi)

8m 02s

Most expected questions on science 21-40 (in Hindi)

7m 09s

Newton's laws of motion (in Hindi)

5m 16s

TRICK on vitamin, enzymes and coal (in Hindi)

7m 10s

भौतिक विज्ञान 1-20 (in Hindi)

5m 31s

भौतिक विज्ञान 21-40 (in Hindi)

5m 15s

भौतिक विज्ञान 41-60 ( in Hindi)

5m 10s

भौतिक विज्ञान 61-80 (in Hindi)

5m 01s

भौतिक विज्ञान 81 -100 (in Hindi)

5m 27s

रसायन विज्ञान 1-20 ( in Hindi)

5m 12s

रसायन विज्ञान 21-40 (in Hindi)

6m 07s

रसायन विज्ञान 41-60 (in Hindi)

5m 06s

रसायन विज्ञान 61-80 ( in Hindi)

6m 10s

रसायन विज्ञान 81-100 (in Hindi)

6m 09s

जीव विज्ञान 1-20 (in Hindi)

6m 44s

जीव विज्ञान 21-40 (in Hindi)

6m 13s

जीव विज्ञान 41-60 (in Hindi)

5m 01s

जीव विज्ञान 61-80 (in Hindi)

5m 03s

जीव विज्ञान 81-100 (in Hindi)

5m 04s

भौतिक विज्ञान 101 -120 (in Hindi)

6m 01s

रसायन विज्ञान 101-120 (in Hindi)

6m 07s

जीव विज्ञान 101-120 (in Hindi)

5m 12s

भौतिक विज्ञान 121-140 (in Hindi)

4m 19s

भौतिक विज्ञान 141-170 (in Hindi)

5m 33s

जीव विज्ञान 121-140 (in Hindi)

7m 06s

जीव विज्ञान 141-160 (in Hindi)

5m 08s

Trick: अदिश और सदिश राशि scalar & vector quantity (in Hindi)

6m 16s

मानव शरीर से जुड़े जरूरी तथ्य important fact related to human body --1

6m 23s

मानव शरीर से जुड़े जरूरी तथ्य important fact related to human body--2

5m 45s

मानव शरीर से जुड़े जरूरी तथ्य important fact related to human body--3

7m 36s

विटामिन - (रासायनिक नाम, स्रोत, कमी से होने वाले रोग)

6m 05s

Top Mcq's on Science I (in Hindi)

11m 07s

Top Mcq's on Science II (in Hindi)

10m 02s

Top Mcq's on Science III (in Hindi)

8m 28s

Top Mcq's on Science IV (in Hindi)

7m 37s

Top Mcq's on Science V (in Hindi)

6m 11s

Top Mcq's on Science VI (in Hindi)

6m 05s

चंद्र ग्रहण संबंधित जानकारी

6m 05s

प्रकाश से संबंधित प्रश्न - I

5m 02s

प्रकाश से संबंधित प्रश्न - II

5m 39s

Important science questions- I

4m 03s

Important science questions- II

4m 02s

Important science questions- III

4m 03s

Important science questions- IV

4m 01s

Important science questions- V

4m 03s

Important science questions- VI

4m 06s

महत्वपूर्ण विज्ञान प्रश्न

5m 10s



10 reviews


reviewed on Dec 30, 2019

very nyccc video your teaching method is good plz sir pstet k liye v yeh video best h

Deepak Kumar Chaurasia

reviewed on Dec 30, 2018

Sir good evening. ECG is used in brain test or cardiac.? Please confirm.

Jitendra Singh

reviewed on Dec 9, 2018

nice content and video,good knowledge and helpful for TET exams prep

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