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Introduction to World History /Course Contents
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This is a short intro to this course on World History for optional and GS .i have tried to touch on the important aspects and what to expect . Thank you.

Anurag Prasad
Cracked IBPS 2015 ,Cricket,Fiction,Cooking and Hollywood Movies and CSE mains 2017

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Explanation is very good
sir ye course aap complete karne vale ho kya ya fir most of educators ki tarah aap bhi addha parha k bich me skip kardoge ?
Anurag Prasad
6 months ago
Hi,Due to certain personal issues , i couldn't complete the course. I sincerely apologise.
  1. Areas to be covered and Intro

  2. Hi Everyone WE SHALL BE STUDYING IN STRICT CONFORMITY WITH THE MAINS WORLD HISTORY OPTIONAL SYLLABUS THEREBY ALSO COVERING THE WORLD HISTORY SECTION OF GENERAL STUDIES KINDLY COMMENT ON,LIKE AND SUPPORT THE COURSE LETS GET IT DONE THEN! About me. I am Anurag. Wrote cse Mains in 2017 with history optional(132 and 128 in papers 2 and 1) I would love to share whateveri have gathered so far.

  3. Syllabus 16. Enlightenment and Modern ideas: Major ideas of EnlightenmKant Rousseau Spread of Enlightenment in the colonies Rise of socialist ideas (up to Man): spread of Marcan Socialism 17. Origins of Modern Politics Eurcpean Stanes Syasem American Revolution and the Consttution French revolution and aftermath, 1788- 1815 Amenican Civil War with refeence to Albraham Linools and the abolition of savery Bitish Democratic Politics, 1815- 1850 Parlamentary Reformers, Free Traders, Chartists 18. Industrialization Engliah Industral Revolution: Causes and lmpact on Society ledustralzation in other countries: USA. Germany, Russia, Ja Sermany. Russia,an Industrialzation and Globalization. 19. Nation-State System:

  4. Syllabus continued(2) he Wornd star Wosd ware

  5. Syllabus Continued(3)

  6. Thank you. Lets start then.