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Introduction to the Course (in Hindi)
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Introduction to THERMODYNAMICS-- what we are going to study in thermodynamics.

Ravi Prakash is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ravi Prakash
Passionate about chemistry learning and teaching! studying mechanical engineering from NIT ROURKELA Here to help you out. Feel free to ask!

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i think roman sir mistyped 35 PPT (parts per thousand) to 35 ppm. in ppm it will be around 35,000 ppm
sir plz iss chapter koaap jaldi over kijiye....
wow just wow amazing sir keep up the good work and looking smart in the new t shirt
thanks sir. Q. 1 Calculate bond energy of HCl if given H-H = 430 kj/mol, Cl-Cl = 242 kj/mol, and 91kj/mol heat released during the formation of HCl?
16 kg oxygen gas expands at stp (1 atm) isobarically to occupy double of its original volume. the work done during the process is nearly...

  2. WHO AM 1? Ravi prakash here!!!! Scored 95% in 10th,93% in 12th Scored 193 in jee mains n qualified jee advance Presently perusing mechanical engineering from nit rourkela And passion for chemistry and teaching brings me here.

  3. Key Features:- Thorough revision of facts. Practice Questions wherever required. To the point concept explained. Concise and precise

  4. What we are going to study? Basic terminology in THERMODYNAMICS. State variables Types of works Molar heat capacities and it's calculation Practice questions First law of THERMODYNAMICS Each process in detail study Graphical representation of expansion and compression. Cyclic process Previous year questions