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Introduction (in Hindi)
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Course introduction

Deepankar Singh
95% in CBSE XII , 10 CGPA in CBSE X undergrad @ IIIT-Gwalior CUSAT CAT AIR - 323 , JEE qualified Jack of all trades , master of one !!

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You are a wonderful teacher,who proved that learning can be joyous and pleasant experience
exam 1 hi br Ho rha hai
oxgyen is balanced in this reaction
  1. NUCLEAR CHEMISTRY -Deepenkar Singh

  2. WELCOME!! I am Deepankar I am a creative writer An IT student at IIT-Gwalior Follow me on https/ / ar111

  3. NTA DISADVANTAGES Earlier students used to protest even if there was a difference in one or two questions But now there will be new questions in every batch of exam and surprisingly students are happy. Suppose in tough exam , the highest marks are 570/720 And in easy exam , the average marks are 580/720 So now the disadvantage is that 570 is not equal to 580 and person who appeared for the easy paper will get a better rank than the topper of tough paper. In my personal opinion , percentile system should be used to determine ranks and not just scores. As it's unfair. But students do not see this and are happy for some reason , I don't know why ???

  4. NTA STRATEGY FOR DROPPERS 1. Appear for Both Exams 2. Take both exams seriously 3. Follow my preparation strategy course for PCB 4. Try to score 580+ to be safe because cutoffs are likely to increase. (AIQ) 5. Don't waste time in reading books , start solving questions.

  5. NTA-STRATEGY FOR 12TH CLASS STUDENTS 1. Appear for both exams. 2. Take Feb exam as preparatory to get the feel and environment of the exam stress unless you're an exceptional student because by Feb. you will be busy with board practical and stuff 3. Take the May exam seriously and try to give your best in it. 4. So for you there is only one exam(other one is for preparation) Try to score 580+ to stay safe as cutoffs will increase. (AlQ) 5.

  6. How To Study This Chapter 1.Watch this course first and then read the chapter from NCERT 2.Solve Problems of NCERT 3.Solve Problems from any reference book 4.Solve previous year problems

  7. CONTENTS Nuclear Binding Energy Determining the mass defect Converting mass defect into energy Expressing nuclear binding energy as energy per mole of atoms or as energy per nucleon Determining the Energy of a Nuclear Reaction Kinetics of Radioactive Decay Calculations using the first order rate equation: rk[N] Determining the rate constant Determining the activity Calculations using the first order rate equation: In(N/No)kt Determining the amount of radioisotope remaining after time" Determining the initial amount of a radioisotope at the beginning of time " Determining the rate constant Determining and using the half-life of a radioisotope Determining the age of an artefact using carbon-14 dating

  8. COMMON DOUBTS 7277 122 Follow this course to know the preparation Strategy and trieks for NEET AIIMS And JIPMER By Deepankar Singh (Hindi) Preparation Strategy to Get Under 500 Rank in Neet...

  9. Life is chemistry Dilute your sorrow, Evaporate your worries, Filter your mistake, Boil your ego, You will get the crystal of happiness RATE REVIEW RECOMMEND ENROLL