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Internet of Things : Part 2
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Part of the Internet of Things article published in Science Reporter - December 2018

Ajay Kumar Muchakurthi is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ajay Kumar Muchakurthi
Appeared UPSC CSE Mains,M.A.(Public Administration), B.Tech(CSE)

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1.The port of Chabahar is located in southeastern Iran in the Gulf of Oman. It is the only Iranian port with direct access to the ocean.
Hello Sir, Can we say the below as few other cons: 1) IoT is creating greater dependence, hence any sudden failure of such complex system, if by any chance will leave users with no back up plan or support. 2) With automation the need of human labour reduces drastically 3) IoT is creating the dependency on tech for every minute and tiniest of things which in way forward will make upcoming generations lazy. 4) IoT is more limted incase of sectors which are more dynamic like healthcare. Frequent upgradation and maintenance will be a challenge.
1. Yes, Thats why we have mentioned backup is needed.
2. Its for domestic purposes, when it comes to AI we can bring this.
3. Lazy things is a valid point
4. Yes!
Dibyajyoti PANDA
10 months ago
also in addition to laziness, humane responsibility and responsive also will tend to decrese when people know that they can do all petty things using tech
  1. Summary of Science Reporter - December 2018 Presented by Ajay Kumar Muchakurthi

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  3. Internet of Things: Technology to Look Out For- Part 2 o@ 3b

  4. Application of IoT Healthcare sector Agncuiture Sector and / Security Applications of loT Transportation Sector Research and Development

  5. Application of loT Healthcare: IoT can complement life-critical systems -Increasing reliability and performance Ex: loT based device can be used in combination with a cardiac monitor in ICU to raise an alarm with the doctors in case of any abnormalities with vitals Can be used in remote locations to transmit ECG and other medical readings to doctor in far away for expert opinion-Telemedicine

  6. Agriculture: Can be used to gather live pedagogical data - Used by scientists and experts to help farmers to get maximum yield Transportation: Smart and auto-controlled vehicles : Can be designed using acoustic or infrared sensors - can sense any hazardous situation and automatically take actions Applying brakes or informing emergency services with location on map Can be used to track vehicles in real time and assist traffic police to check common violations

  7. Research and Development: Space technology giant along with collaboration of NASA - Designed a wireless communication system for satellites Can be used for information exchange in a mesh network All satellites would be able to exchange information with all others in same network - Collaboration will be more effective and reliable

  8. Safety and Security: Can be used to ensure safety of school going kids, elderly and late night working women - GPS can be tagged Geofencing system can be activated with time constraints

  9. Limitations of IoT Cost of setting up - Higher compared to conventional approaches Since it is an open-source technology - most of the sensors in market can be duplicate : may not meet requirements As its connected to Internet - Chances of hacking and compromising devices Ensuring high availability for application-critical systems is essential : Currently a great challenge for designers and developers to design low power consumption systems : need of backup facility High Power Consumption

  10. Sensor authentication - Most of the IoT systems : Difficult to ensure that only authorised sensor is uploading the data to server Issues of compatibility Complexity in handling the system - need training and knowledge transfer

  11. Short term certification - To build skilled manpower Government assumes-India would have around 5-6% ofgloballoT industries in coming years India - Came up with new loT-base airport @ Sikkim Fitted with landslide warning system - Comprising a battery of 200 sensors over an area of 150 acres Capable of measuring various geographical disturbances and providing timely reports to avoid ant mishappenings

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