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Alzheimer's - Nipping it in the bud : Part 2
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Part 2 of the Article " Alzheimer's - Nipping it in the bud " Published in Science Reporter - December 2018

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Ajay Kumar Muchakurthi
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  1. Summary of Science Reporter - December 2018 Presented by Ajay Kumar Muchakurthi

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  3. Alzheimer's - Nipping it in the Bud: Part 2

  4. Plaques and Tangles Alzheimer's Disease - Formation of Amyloid Plaques Amyloid Plaques - Clumps of Beta-Amyloid fragments Beta-amyloid fragments - Sticky in nature and clump together to form plaques Do not get flushed out effectively interferes in synaptic transmissions

  5. Tau : Neural protein resides inside the nerve cells Forms fibres called Neurofibrillary tangles These constructs microtubules to transfer nutrients within the cells Alzheimer's Disease - Protein Tau fails to build necessary microtubules Hampers the health of Neuron Disrupts the normal function of cell

  6. aques and Tangles - Accumulate Leads to pathological conditions - Oxidative stress and Neuroinflammation Leads to death of brain cells Alzheimer's Disease Brain - Degrade gradually Cells die- Corresponding finctions wither away: Shrinking ofbrair Few medications - Temporary relief Alzheimer's Disease -Can be only managed Healthy Severe Brain Alzheimer's

  7. Now There is Hope! Research by Indian scientist - Opened new vistas to offer remedial measures for Alzheimer's Disease Indian scientists@ Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine, Srinagar : Discovered therapeutic remedy to combat Alzheimer's Disease Usage of saffron - Improving and protecting health Few researchers from University of Louisiana and Indian team - Collaborated to investigate the methods by which saffron worked against Alzheimer's Disease Clinical tests - Showed that it worked

  8. Scientists conducted preclinical development of Saffron extract IIIM 141 Why ?? Integrate it into modern medicine in the form of slow releasing nutraceutical ormula Tested on various cellular and animal models Patent - pending for their product

  9. Saffron - Acts as inhibitors on beta-amyloid plaques Compound IIIM -141 extracted from stigma of saffron flowers Compound - Protective and therapeutic effect on Alzheimer's Disease

  10. Saviour Duo Two compounds 'Crocin' and 'crocetin' - Key roles as inhibitors of beta-amyloid plaques Crocin - hydrophilic carotenoid glycoside (Bioactive metabolite) Metabolites - Natural reaction intermediaries and products of physiological metabolism : Trigger essential activities in human body When Crocin is hydrolysed in stomach - Transforms to aglycone, Crocetin (fat soluble compound) Crocetin - Lipophilic

  11. Crocetin - Rapidly crosses BBB and reaches brain to exert its biological effect on it Team developed an extract containing IIIM-141 and formulated it into a slow- releasing capsule - Easily ingested Product - Initially as a dietary supplement in US and Indian markets after approvals Formula - beneficial to high-risk and early onset groups Suggested dosage - Preventive as well as curative remedy