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Interchange/Misread Questions Error (in Hindi)
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This lesson deals with the miscellaneous questions which are asked in an examination. Picture credits -

Chetan Mna is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Chetan Mna
NITian ,5 year Teaching Experience , Indian Railways , cleared SSC ,SSE,CHSL, IBPS etc

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I am delighted to you.
Akash Modak
10 months ago
Thanks a lot ☺️ Happy Learning ✌️
Easy,,,, need same like this for all other topics
good content but can be conveyed in a better way
Thank u very much Guruji Aisa trick maine pahli bar dekha hai Thank you.u.u.u.u........
love u sir... u just made easy..
Sir there are 3 volumes of rukmini publication advance maths. Which one to buy?
Sourabh Sharma
3 years ago
watch harshit shukla's trigonometry and abhinav praksh's geometry lessons on unacademy and practice from kiran publication paper...........don't buy any rukmini type books........
Pallavi Ghosh
3 years ago
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  3. There ane 3s-studants in a mogtul. If he no-ek , The expense -f day. whiie the ay expenditure per hasodl derae find the oviginal expendituce of he meaa e* - mess cha*ges in stn - 3*A There wee 42 students n a thostaL to aamissiom of 2A-7 ness changes ss( A-2) nous mess changes

  4. witb the 3rd mo 2 2 62 2- 2- separate value Assu me 2.7

  5. uith the 4th mo 29, 23, 21 2 I wiuu be 9, 23, 21 wiu be obtain od..find a+b+c 3 +d = 29 23x3-yS 12. 2 2. d = 29x3-Y5 2

  6. n an examination, the avg of-40 gtudente is 72 . AHeMads itr found thate He maska of thuee shaeuts ae miu y 68, 65 +3 instaad of 64,62 & s4 Hp find the. coveot ang 0

  7. Theas e Loo numbers is 46 but it uwas found. that 2 numbees 16 & y3 are mistakany cal culaul as 61 &3y find ha couut ave if it was also found that totu n 361 3y = 95 16 43 =59 36 4600 46 correct avg o 36 o: 4600-36 = 4564 36-0 36- ) 4S.64 ct ang = 4564 -50-7