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Average Related Questions (in Hindi)
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This lesson deal with the questions related to Average. It deals with the technique to solve questions related to it.

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Chetan Mna
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is there any course on indian society on unacademy plus by you mam in near future
yes we are starting on 30th June. You please check the plus courses once
Lavi Kuntal
2 years ago
mam i am talking about paper 1 indian society portion not social justice in paper 2
Lavi Kuntal
2 years ago
yes i am already there in your tommrow's class as well as in plus course but i want to know about paper 1 indian society portion
super bro... very useful please give me ur contact number bro or ping me in whatsapp .. my number 9010549020... olease bro i have more doubts to clarify with u... please ping me or provide ur number
The avg of 11 observation is 50. The avg of first six observation is 49 and avg of last six observation is 52. Find sixth observation.
Bhai ye question me mujhe v shortcut janna h
Shekhar Kumar
2 years ago
there is no short cut i think
Anurag Thakur
2 years ago
there is short trick
Sir how did we get that (101+1)/2 equal to 52 it should be 51 confirm me and correct me if I am wrong.
Priyanka AGARWAL
2 years ago
In 1st slide
2 years ago
mam rakesh yadav ki book utthalo....
In the question that you left for us to calculate avg of last two data in that when we got +8, why u did -8/2
Kunal Verma
2 years ago
same doubt bhai
Shumayla khan
2 years ago
same doubt :0
Nilu Sah
3 months ago
same doubt
Nilu Sah
3 months ago
got it... in the Q7. we got 9th observation by adding 25 with 87=112... but in Q8. after calculating the avg of last two data it was +4 ... if we add +4 with 34( which is avg. of 7 data) it will be 38... which is more than the avg. of 7 data.... the avg. of last two data must be -4 so it can be within the avg. of 7 data.... may be or may not be I'm correct
Sir in the 5th slide, 2nd we u divide 8 with 2??
Abhishek Pathak
3 years ago
Same doubt.
Shubham patel
2 years ago
@satish ku ki last question me we hv to find out the average of last two no...isliye we divided by2
Satish Verma
2 years ago
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  3. +24 + 3 y Are the Ava zcoe f boy of a school i 3 +. whiLe a 2core of 9i is of the same cuaus if the Av the a 13- 1 2 10 13 -98 3 98- ut Ag 12- ! 2+.9 -42 Ans

  4. S 6 T-0 64.93 714 33401+52

  5. q cbservations is s .if the avg- f first fiveobae.utiot av 9 2- 92% 3-2 . 2 = 8 -7 9 2 8 40 The aug. L8 23 and data ay and. the qv9-of first thr ee dcta 28 1-26 8 2. F 8

  6. the avg q-next three nas u 21 'If the 6th ho, a 4 no 21 3 2. 3 (is 5K 2) 2 3 =160-55 3 Ab 8th 3 = 18

  7. age first The aug . qdat s 9-the if Hue avg next fout data s more than +th data Calculate 9 obser vation ot 2 aug ot next fat, dotausFF. If the 8tta andl one more than ghh data 7.5 8 +39 8 1-32 3 79-8 13 68 72 DC 68