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Indus Valley Civilization : Part II (in Hindi)
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IVC : Sculptures

Khushboo Kumari
Teaching is a passion! Have 5 years of teaching experience. Now, I am on my way to make my dream a reality.

Unacademy user
Thanks ma'am... Plz make same coarse in English as well & try to put some extra objective knowledge in slides. Plz clear my queries which I left in overview lesson of same coarse.
Rishikesh anand
2 years ago
mam my dob 02/08/1998 can i fillup 2018 upsc application forum
Samadhan Tangde
2 years ago
plz check out Notification
  1. Ancient, Medieyal History and Art & Culture Presented by - Khushboo

  2. Hi! I am Khushboo I have done BCA from DAV College, Jalandhar. PGDCA from SVSu Campus Placement IBM and Infosys Cleared IBPS PO Mains and Clerical exam as well Have around 4 years of experience in teaching. Hobbies Cycling, collecting goggles, inculcating imaginative and creative thoughts among children.

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  5. Indus Yalley Ciyilization



  8. CHINA PAKISTAN INDIA Arabiarn Sea Bay of Bengal

  9. higarhi Moherfode nwerhwala Chanhedar kagen Dor Daimab

  10. Hindu Kush ndus hensb Jhe Himalaya Ravi Helmand Har ppa Sle INDUS VALLEY CIVILIZATION Ganges Mohenjo-Daro o YazouRS Thar Dese rt Chanhu-Daro Am ri Chambal he Hakra River Arabi anse a Lothal Aarmads 0 250 Miles 0 250 Kilometers

  11. -Indian Claim 1972 Line of control Aksai Chin Kabul Line Afghanistan Actual Control Islamabad China Jhelm R In dispute Chenab R Bus R Ravi R Sutlej R In dispute Pakistan Sutlej R Nepal Indus River New Delhi India River Country Border Country Capital Indus River Basin 100 200 300 Kilometers Arabian Sea 0

  12. Sculptures 1. Made up of bronze (Bronze Sculptures) 2. Terracota Bronze : was made through amalgamation of .Copper and . Tin Sculptures were made by using "Lost wax Technique". Ex Dancing girl. Terracotta Baked clay. Ex Bearded man Mother goddess.

  13. URBAN/TOWN PLANNING .Whole city was walled. .Citadels were situated near river( usually . Roads @ right angle. . Houses were divided into sectors. . They were self sufficient. Great Bath Granaries