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(Hindi) Indus Valley Civilization - UPSC CSE


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Khushboo Kumari

Indus Valley Civilization is very important from our Prelims as well as from our Mains point of view as well. That is why, Khushboo has discussed Indus Valley Civilization in very detailed manner. Every concept of this will be covered.



22 reviews

Darshan Amrutkumar Goswami

reviewed on Feb 15, 2018

khushboo mam, as the name suggests spreads Awesome fragrance in the form of Knowledge....

Kunal Agarwal

reviewed on Feb 26, 2018

whole civilization covered comprehensively and lucidly. This course will be handy for all upsc and state PSC aspirants.

Trupti B

reviewed on Feb 15, 2018

very nice course, read the NCERT once and attend the lecture for ur revision. one of my favorite educator.thank u, ma'am!

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