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Indus valley civilization (in Hindi)
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Indus valley civilization ( in Hindi )

Kartikey Choudhary is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Kartikey Choudhary
I am a law graduate and have been teaching and mentoring NDA and Cds aspirants from the past 4 yrs. Qualified NDA and Cds

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sir please modern history bhi parallel chala dijiye agar aapke pass sufficient tym ho to thank you for this lesson
Thank you sir for this lesson
sir itna kafi hai?
Debangkur Das
9 months ago
it's absolutely not enough...go for books like Lucent, ncert n all
  1. Indus valley civilization By: Kartikey Chaudhary

  2. About myself I'm a law graduate I have been mentoring NDA and CDS from many years . I have cleared NDA and CDS exam . I'm a Senior National football player

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  4. Indus valley civilization Indus valley civilization was the first major civilization in the south Asia , which spread across a vast Areas of land In present day India and Pakistan (12 lakh sq km) . The Indus valley civilization Is estimated between BC 1900 BC 2700 ie-800 years . But it is said that it existed even before BC 2700

  5. Features of Indus valley civilization It is also known as Harappan civilization e Harappan sites were discovered by Dayaram Sahni 192 e Mohenjodaro discovered by - R.D Banerji e City was divided into Citadel (west) and lower town (east) Stone weight, seals , special beads , copper tools , long stone blades etc Copper, Bronze , silver and gold were present They were specialists for handicrafts Import of raw materials

  6. . Bodies were buried in wooden coffins . Sugar cane were not cultivated . Iron, horses were not used

  7. Harappa Harappa was situated on river Ravi in Punjab e Six granaries in a row were found in Harappa The greatest Artistic creation of Harappan culture were the seals

  8. Indus valley sites and specialities . Mohenjodaro - Great Bath . On the banks of river Indus o Believe to have been destroyed by flood or invasion

  9. Great Bath e Great Bath is one of the well known structure among the ruins of the Ancient Indus valley civilization at Mohenjodaro in Sindh Pakistan e Great Bath is without doubt the earliest public water tank . It was 12 7 metre wide and with a maximum depth of 2.4 metre This water tank for used for special religious functions where the water was used to purify

  10. KALIBANGAN It is situated at Rajasthan on the banks of river Ghaggar and was discovered by A.Ghosh . Bones of camel were found Horse remains (even though Indus valley people didn't use horses) Known as third capital of Indus empire

  11. . They used to worship peepal tree , fire , mother goddess Pashupati Mahadev ( shiv ) No caste system was there Equal status to men to and women