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Important Topics-Real Analysis (in Hindi)
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In this lesson I have discussed most important topics of real analysis. As it contributed maximum marks in any compitittive exam of Mathematics.

Rahul Mapari
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Hello Sir.. This is ANKITA SINGH. I am a student of STATISTICS and has just started the preparation of CSIR Dec-2019 . I wanted to ask that is it necessary for statistics students to attempt only UNIT 1 & UNIT 4 . In the the question booklet it is mentioned that the statistics background students are expected to answer from unit 1 and unit 4 (not clearly mentioning whether it is compulsory or not) .
sir complete course bana do plz aapka padhane ka tarika best h
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  2. Important Topics Real Analysis Point Set Topology " Set (Closed/Open/Connected) " Neighborhood "Interval (Closed/Open) Union/Intersection Limit Point of a Set Countable set/ Uncountable set

  3. Important Topics Real Analysis Sequence and Series Sequence Subsequence Monotonic Sequence Oscillating Sequence " Limit Point of a Sequence Limit Superioir - Limit Inferior Cauchy Sequence " Convergence Divergence

  4. Important Topics Real Analysis Sequence and Series " Series "Convergence " Test for convergence (p-test, comparison test, ratio test etc.) " Divergence

  5. Important Topics Real Analysis Limit Continuity Differentiability " Graphical Approach "Special functions Greatest Integer function Dirichlet function Mod function Riemann function/ Thomae's function " Increasing/Decreasing function

  6. Important Topics Real Analysis Uniform Continuity Sufficient conditions Lipchitz condition Riemann Integration Sequence and Series of function Mn test

  7. Important Topics Real Analysis Metric spaces Bounded Variation