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Important Topics-ODE and COV
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In this lesson I have discussed most important Topics of Ordinary Differential Equations and Calculus of Variation. It contributed 35-38 Marks in CSIR NET exam.

Rahul Mapari
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sir, will you please provide bpsc course in English?????
  1. About Me Name: Rahul V. Mapari Education: >M.Sc. Mathematics. >CSIR-NET (2 Times) AIR- 13 Enjoy Mathematics and 59 >SET (Maharashtra) >GATE AIR-73 >PSC (Maharashtra) Job Profile: Teaching Teaching Experience: 7 Years Follow me: On Unacademy

  2. Important Topics Ordinary Differential Equation Degree and Order of Differential Equation Formation of Differential Equation Linear Differential Equation with Constant Coefficient " Procedure to find Complementary Solution "Procedure to find Particular Integral Linear Differential Equation with Variable Coefficient Non-Linear Differential Equation

  3. Important Topics Ordinary Differential Equation Different Methods to Solve D.E. " Exact Differential Equation "Integrating Factor Linear First Order D.E. " Clairaut's form " Variable Separation Method "Reduction of Order "Variation of Parameter (VOP) " Cauchy Euler Equation

  4. Important Topics Ordinary Differential Equation Existence and Uniqueness of Solution of D.E Particular Solution, General Solution, Singular Solution Wronskian L.I. and L.D. Solution of D.E. Sturm Liouville Problem Eigen Values Non-Trivial Solutiorn Initial Value Problem (IVP) Boundary Value Problem

  5. Important Topics Calculus of Variation Calculus of Variatiorn "Euler Equation " Different forms of Euler Equation "Functional Containing Higher Derivative " Functional Containing More Independent Variable " Functional Containing More Dependent Variable Isometric Problem Rayleigh Ritz Method