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Important Topics-Linear Algebra
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In this I have discussed most important topics of Linear Algebra. Which contributed 50-60 marks in CSIR NET exam.

Rahul Mapari
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sir bcoz completly half filled is more stable[Mn2+]{3d5} than partially filled[Fe2+](3d6).
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  2. Important Topics Linear Algebra Matrices Types of Matrices "Properties of Determinant Eigen Values and Eigen Vectors " Properties of Eigen Value "Eigen Space " Diagonalizable Matrix " Spectrum

  3. Important Topics Linear Algebra Vector Space " Field "Linearly Dependent (L.D.) " Linearly Independent (L.I.) - Basis Dimensiorn " Subspace

  4. Important Topics Linear Algebra Transformation Linear Transformation "Singular/Non-Singular "Linear Operator " Invertible/Non-Invertible " Kernel/Range

  5. Important Topics Linear Algebra Canonical Forms "Jordan Canonical Form "Jordan Block Quadratic form " Positive Definite/Negative Definite " Characteristic Polynomial "Minimal Polynomial

  6. Important Topics Linear Algebra Rank Nullity Theorem Sylvester Law Basis Theorem Algebraic Multiplicity Geometric Multiplicity

  7. Important Topics Linear Algebra Some Important Vector Spaces *Vector Space of Polynomial *Vector Space of Matrices "Vector Space of Function Vector Space of Sequence