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Important Topics For Economy For UPSC CSE - I
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Through this lesson, Rangarajan Ramakrishnan discusses the important topics for Economy and gives a brief explanation. This lesson will help you in your preparation for UPSC CSE for economy.

Rangarajan Ramakrishnan
IAS 2005 batch (AIR 46), Chartered Accountant and Cost accountant, Teaching Polity at Officers IAS Academy at Chennai.

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awesome lesson sir...thanks a lot !! ..Please continue
Please finish the course
this much topics need to cover sir...its possible to cover 15 days
Sir, are ncert books sufficient? Because I feel like the versions that I have don't provide information on all of these concepts.
Sir iam 2nd year student could this will be the right time to start the preparation?
  1. About me Chartered Accountant and Cost Accountant by profession 46th rank, IAS of 2005 batch Started career with PricewaterhouseCoopers and joined ICICI Bank Associate Director at Officers IAS academy, Chennai Have my own Financial consulting firm Course Fees: CONTRIBUTE Follow me on Unacademy at: 0

  2. IMPORTANT TOPICS-1 . Micro Economics Macro Economics National Income National Income accounting or calculation GDP, GNP, NDP, NNP PROF

  3. IMPORTANT TOPICS-2 Purchasing Power Parity . Per capita income . Factors of Production . Land . Labour Capital . Entrepreneurship R OF

  4. IMPORTANT TOPICS-3 . Demand . Supply . Poverty BPL Poverty Gap R OF

  5. IMPORTANT TOPICS-4 .Poverty estimates by NSSO . Poverty line . Inequality . Absolute Inequality vs Relative Inequality Gini co-efficient PROF

  6. IMPORTANT TOPICS-5 . Lorenz Curve . Growth . Inclusive Growth . Sustainable growth Development R OF

  7. IMPORTANT TOPICS-6 . Employment . Different types of unemployment- disguised, under-employment . Globalization and employment . Primary Sector Secondary Sector . Tertiary Sector PROF

  8. IMPORTANT TOPICS-7 . Currency . Depreciation . Appreciation . Devaluation , Revaluation R OF

  9. IMPORTANT TOPICS-8 . Exchange Rate BOP - Current Account, Capital Account . Capital Account Convertibility BOT . Remittances PROF

  10. IMPORTANT TOPICS-9 . Types of economies- Capitalist, Socialist and Mixed . Demographic Dividend . Skill Development . Indexes published by various organization like UNDP, ILO, etc. HDI PROF

  11. IMPORTANT TOPICS-13 . Disinflation . Reflation . Stagflation Philip's curve R OF

  12. IMPORTANT TOPICS-16 FERA FEMA . Import . Export FOREX Reserves R OF

  13. IMPORTANT TOPICS-17 . Fixed Currency Regime Floating Currency Regime . Managed Exchange Rates . Tariff PROF