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45-Day Strategy to Master Economics for UPSC CSE by Israel Jebasingh
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In this lesson, one will find 45 Days Strategy to Master Economics for UPSC CSE by Israel Jebasingh.

Israel Jebasingh
Director of Officers IAS Academy. IAS Officer of 2004 Batch with AIR 59.

Unacademy user
answer will be 36cm sq
sir please suggest us strategy for economics as a optional subject in cse
Sir has misinterpreted macroeconomic topics with microeconomics topics and vice versa..
This approach is slightly different from what ayush sanghi sir had given topic wise. This 45 day strategy doesn't contain lessons by ayush sanghi sir. He had given a long detailed syllabus analysis. Which approach to follow?? Pls clarify sir
Allvin M
3 years ago
can you please give me the link for that lesson
sir, please suggest book and strategy for economics optional
Sir, how thoroughly is reading the Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh , or any other reference books required for Economics

  2. ABOUT ME AIR 59, IAS officer of 2004 batch Worked at West Bengal . Worked as lecturer in . Currently Director of Officers IAS Academy, Chennai . Ratings and reviews . Doubts / queries / feedback in comments +Share Sni Ram Engineering College Doubts / queries feedback in comments +Share . Follow me on Unacademy at PR OF

  3. BASIC OUTLINE-I . Watch the course completely Read the slides repeatedly so that you can actually understand what UPSC REALLY WANTS . Your aim is to clear the exam. Not become a scholar in the subject . Limit your resources Limit your resources . Revise, Repeat; Revise, Repeat- That is only your key mantra in preparation This will work 100% for almost 90-95% of you Remember, it is better to study for 45 days and get 85-90 marks rather than slog for 6 months and get 95% marks . PROF

  4. BASIC OUTLINE-lI Unacademy will cover entire course end-to-end . Supplement and complement with reference material Use class IX, X, XI, XII NCERT All topics are equally important Ail topics are equaly important . Read Previous Year Questions PROF

  5. SCHEDULE- PART I Day 1-2: Class IX NCERT, Economics Day 3-5 Class X NCERT, Understanding Economic Development . Day 6-7: Solve previous year question's, both prelims and mains (practice answer writing simultaneously) Day 8-10: Class XI NCERT, Indian Economic Development PROF

  6. SCHEDULE- PART 2 . Day 11-12: Social sector initiatives and other Government schemes and programmes . Day 13-16: Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh (Selective Chapters) . Day 17-18: Class XIl NCERT, Introductory Microeconomics (Selective Chapters) . Day 19: Current affairs revision and any recent developments, like committee reports, etc. PROF

  7. SCHEDULE- PART 3 . Day 20-25: Class XII NCERT, Introductory Macroeconomics . Day 26-28: Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh (Selective Chapters) . Day 29-30: Revision of Committees, Reports and Indexes . Day 30-37: Economic Survey of India (Whenever it is released) PROF

  8. SCHEDULE- PART 4 . Day 38: Update static notes with current affairs or other recent developments (Like Monetary Policy Committee in RBl or Urjit Patel committee for Inflation targeting) . Day 39-40: Solve previous year questions and other mock test papers . Day 41: Using Investopedia and Arthapedia to clarify any doubts related to basics . Day 40-42: Revision of current affairs notes ( Online and Personal) . Day 43-45: Revision of NCERT's and important notes made from Indian Economy. by Ramesh Singh PROF

  9. OTHER SOURCES OFTEN USED . Unacademy lessons . India Year Book . Indian Economy - Sanjeev Varma . Mrunal lessons on Economy . Indian Economy by Datt and Sundaram Khan Academy Macroeconomics videos Investopedia PROF