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Art of Effective Notes Making for Economics During UPSC CSE Preparation
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In this lesson, Israel Jebasingh will brief us on how one should make effective notes for economics during UPSC CSE preparation. The explanation is crisp and clear, and it will surely lead UPSC CSE aspirants towards right approach.

Israel Jebasingh
Director of Officers IAS Academy. IAS Officer of 2004 Batch with AIR 59.

Unacademy user 19 yrs old girl ...studying biotechnology, i was planned to start preparations for upsc examinations im currently doing my cant spend whole time..but i can prepare as part please guide me how to start my preparations for upsc.where should i start and what should i start?
Sumeet Beniwal
3 years ago
M also a bsc student and I have started following two year time table by roman sir ... U too can go for it
Thiru Malai
2 years ago
Hi sir.... i'm 17 years old..... iam studying B. E (ECE)...i've planned to start the preparation for upsc..... i cant spend the whole time..... so i request you to guide me how to start my preparation and manage my time
Sumeet Beniwal
2 years ago
hello thiru malai..I don't know whom did you ask this question from .. but you can watch this lesson by Roman sir ... there are a number of courses on upsc strategy that you can watch...
You have done a great job sir, I was blindly making the notes without knowing relevant topics...this approach makes the Economics easy to understand...Sir, kindly continue for topics of economics. Thank you
Hi Sir, I am choosing economics for optional paper. Could you please provide me the list of book names that covers the syllabus. I spent a lot of time in searching for the stuff. Please help.
You are the beacon light for serious aspirants who are seriously facing problems with economy. Please do continue sir..we are eagerly waiting for your lessons.
Sir, very thankful to you. But i couldn't find out option to give 5 star rating... And moreover i sincerely request you to make vedios on economy

  2. ABOUT ME AIR 59, IAS officer of 2004 batch Worked at West Bengal . Worked as lecturer in . Currently Director of Officers IAS Academy, Chennai . Ratings and reviews . Doubts / queries / feedback in comments +Share Sni Ram Engineering College Doubts / queries feedback in comments +Share . Follow me on Unacademy at PR OF

  3. Let us see a few examples of high quality notes

  4. INFLATION Topics to be covered under inflation . Meaning and definition Types of inflation Causes of inflation Impact of inflation Measurement of inflation Measures to control inflation . . . Recent developments in Inflation R OF

  5. MEANING AND DEFINITION Definition: a situation characterized by a sustained rise in price level, observed over a period of time. This means that there is a general price rise in which the value of money decreases and you can buy fewer good and services with that money as compared to before. The other concepts that are related include: deflation, reflation, disinflation and core inflation PROF

  6. TYPES OF INFLATION . Inflation is caused by 2 sets of factors- demand-pull and cost-push. The former occurs when the total demand for goods and services in the economy exceeds the supply and the latter is when there is a increase in the cost of production of goods and services either due to increase in wages, or cost of raw materials and then that's reflected on finished goods. . Based on rate of inflation, it can be classified as creeping, trotting, hyper and galloping, in an increasing order. PROF

  7. CAUSES OF DEMAND PULL INFLATION Deficit financing . Increasing population Increasing wages or income levels . Increasing government expenditure . Rise in forex reserves . Increase in money supply Black money PROF

  8. CAUSES OF COST PUSH INFLATION . Increase in wages . Infrastructural constraints . Increasing level of Indirect tax . Rising levels of administered prices like MSF . Increase in import prices . Fluctuating levels of output and supply PROF

  9. IMPACT OF INFLATION Increases risk associated with investments, stunting economic growth Will make exports, balance of payments and exchange rate costly . It breeds corruption, black marketing and speculation Chances of increasing fiscal deficit . Rampant widespread of black money PROF

  10. MEASUREMENT OF INFLATION . In India, inflation is measured on the basis of Wholesale Price Index and Consumer Price Index Till 2011 WPI was widely used, however, since 2011 the CSO published work CPl is being used. The CPI is constructed monthly with a base year CPI takes into account 5 major groups of commodities, among other things. They are: food and beverages, clothing and footwear, housing, fuel and light, and pan, tobacco and other intoxicants, with the highest weightage of food and beverages. PROF

  11. HOW TO MAKE NOTES 2 kinds of note making Linear note making . Mind Mapping Linear note making involves writing- main points with key words, highlighting and . underlining; it is best when you want to summarize something Mind maps are more of visual representation Both are equally important and varies from topic to topic . . PROF